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KrsikX- Story Behind the Tech Touch

Hello friends, I hope you all are fine. So let’s continue, I hope you all remember the founder of Krsikx agritech Master Divyarajsinh Zala and two of his friends Krishna Baldaniya (Co-founder) and Vivek Chauhan (Co-founder) they made a device which helps farmers to operate their motor at required volt of (power)electricity easily and it can control your drip irrigation system, jatka machine with an organized way of ploughing method by providing them further automation in the water supply. Now how much hard work they did for making this device they decided that they want to do something for farmers but how so he talked to their friends regarding this problem. Now they thought to make a device which could control all their machines but the thing was it was not that easy to make but they to try if they succeed it will be a gift for farmers and so they decided to try and they all divided the work. So now Vivek Chauhan who is an electrical engineer through graduation, he told that he can make an electronic system and giving farmer facility to control their water motor from anywhere through their mobile phone and they started their work from 6th June 2020 because of this they got half success in their work but still they need someone who could make an application for this at that time Divyaraj came to know about one of his friend Krishna Baldaniya, he is in the field of IT and Divyaraj talked to him regarding this and he got agreed to support this idea and started working to make an application from 24 June 2020 and their final prototype was ready on 1 July 2020 and they tested it at Hadala, Surendranagar, Gujarat where it gain a great success and all farmers where happy with this new technology to support them as till this date they operate all the machines through an SMS system yet the application wasn't ready. And finally, on 18 July 2020, Divyaraj and his friends built a final product and sell it to their first customer at Hadala with application support. Now as they were done with this, they approached many farmers about this problem and it sought Divyaraj and his friends a great response. To help a farmer is really a very proud feeling for all of us, to startup as farmer feed each individual Indians with their hard work and efforts. And this tell us that all the farmers are so thankful and happy for this device and they bless to Divyaraj and his friends.

And their future plans are to develop an eco-system to make farmers work with the support of technology which makes them suitable, more fruitful and an experience which makes them user-friendly towards this shift of technology also integrating renewable energy towards shift which makes us add-on towards green energy. The next future for agriculture with technology is very bright as to make those farmers use many other concepts of machine learning, Artificial intelligence, and Drone farming to make them capable of less effort and gain more, Reach tech to rural.

We all are proud of you Divyarajsinh Zala, Vivek Chauhan, and Krishna Baldaniya, and also great thanks to Krsikx agritech.

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