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A Boon for the Farmers

In the world full of techno-geeks crazy behind getting a job in IT sector or owning an IT company, people often seem to forget that 700 million Indians are still employed in the Agricultural sector. With the ever-increasing number of such underemployed people, KrsikX

is a start-up based in rural Gujarat which aims at the welfare of the farmers. As the locals call it, it’s a company for the farmers, by the farmers, and of the farmers. A boy from Surendranagar name Divyarajsinh Zala (Founder) who is 19 years old studying in 3rd year BBA Marketing.

When coronavirus has laid us all in Lockdown and all the work was stopped all were ordered by the government to stay at home and be safe. At this time during the month of May, Divyaraj reached his native village as the rural area was not affected that much still all villagers were taking self precaution and all the action required to be safe from COVID-19 as he reached there all farmers were having a conversation about COVID-19 and related impact agriculture as they were talking that all the workers from the different state have left the village and went to their native so, they have to operate and manage their farm physically by going at their farm, at that time one of Divyaraj's relatives own a land d it’s a time when they have to switch on the motor so he leaves and Divyaraj also went with them and they have to walk nearly 5-6km and it’s was raining so the path was not properly seen and it was full of mud because of this our clothes get dirty and after reaching the place there was no power supply and the daily time of power supply to come was 9:30 p.m. but that day power was not supply till 10:30 p.m. the power was supply at 10:45 p.m. and the motor was started around 11:00 p.m. after there it took nearly 4-5 hours for water the farm and at 3 a.m. we returned and at that day Divyaraj decide to do something for farmers and started thinking1 about that and he also took help from his friends, Krishna Baldaniya (Co-founder) and Vivek Chauhan (Co-founder) he discussed what problem the farmers face in the day to day life they met other farmers and asked them about their difficulties about controlling water motor and other all equipment controlling so they were having the same problem And KrsikX team

about to physically reach there and start water motor, drip irrigation, shock machine, also they said they need to on/off water motor frequently while power is supplying as to change the connection of pipeline from A point to B point. So, I thought about this thing for many days and want to do something for them so Divyaraj thought of making a device that they could operate without going to the farm. after prototyping reach to a small village Hadala in Surendranagar to uplift farmers with technology they were really amazed by such technology and using it from miles and miles away from their farm. They don’t want their greatest achievement should be till Surendranagar they want that it should be a benefit to all over India. So, he started sharing the details about the device on social media.

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And friends this is just a beginning main story will be continuing in the next article

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Hello friends, I hope you all are fine. So let’s continue, I hope you all remember the founder of Krsikx agritech Master Divyarajsinh Zala and two of his friends Krishna Baldaniya (Co-founder) and Viv