Key Features

1. Control your farm water motor on clicks.

2. On/Off it from anywhere

3. It shows power indication at the farm

4. Voltage difference indication

5. Installed in existing equipment

6. Enabled with the basic phone to smartphone

7. Mentor support available for 24/7 * 365 days

8. Shock Machine control

9. With physical on/off feedback

10. Robust casing with a waterproof guarantee

Our electronic product is been installed at your farm main water motor starter being connected with the starter as an add-on for your beneficial service i.e. Control motor from anywhere, it is a water-proof casing so no worries about rain 

You get an app for controlling this system for a better and easy handling with many other features loaded in it.

This service is delivering a fly light mode to farmers as they can turn on their motor from any other farm they are and can switch off manually also.

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